4 Best Cars for Dog Owners

It can be lots of fun to take your doggo on a ride. When you have the right vehicle to help them have a great experience, it can also be safe.

Some dogs get so anxious about exploring the outside with a window down that they try to jump while you’re driving. You can roll the windows up, but that won’t stop some from busting through the glass anyway.

That’s why you’ll want to consider investing in the following cars if you’re a dog owner. 

What Are the Best Cars for Dogs? 

1. 2021 Subaru Outback

You’ll get a massive cargo area with this vehicle, giving your pup lots of room to roam. If they need to be in a crate, the included cargo hooks make it easy to secure everything. The rear seats fold flat to create even more space.

2. 2021 Chrysler Pacifica

This vehicle comes with power-sliding doors, a lower floor, and a customizable seating arrangement that makes it perfect for a dog. You can even take advantage of the three-zone climate control for extra comfort.

3. 2021 Volvo V60

Some dogs don’t like riding in cars because the experience is fast and noisy. If your pup fits into that category, this vehicle delivers an exceptional experience. It has a quieter cabin, reasonable space in the back, and a protective grille that divides the cargo space from the rear seats.

4. 2021 Kia Telluride

Some people want the SUV experience for their dog. This model comes with a rugged package that includes synthetic leather for easy cleanup. There’s even a quiet mode that mutes sound to the back audio speakers to ensure your commands are heard when needed.

Driving with a dog is one of life’s best experiences. With these vehicles, you’re sure to have a great time! With the proper care of your vehicle, even with the frequent transporting of dogs, you can keep the value high.