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5 Best Cars for College Kids

Most kids need a vehicle when heading to college. Although it isn’t a 100% necessity, a college or university experience is easier to manage when commuting or running errands without relying on public transportation.

If you decide that one is appropriate for your college student, these different makes and models deliver the best driving experiences.

What Are the Best Cars to Send with Kids to College?

1. Honda CR-V

This compact SUV is an excellent choice for college students. It seats five, has enough room for all the gear, and offers a 4WD option. The list of safety features is quite impressive.

2. Hyundai Elantra

When you’re on a budget, this car delivers an excellent choice for college students. It offers a standard sedan design with a strong engine. The gas mileage rating is perfect, and you’ll find that it is lots of fun to drive.

3. Toyota Prius

If gas mileage is a priority, this vehicle delivers a great result! You can choose an electric or hybrid version based on your needs. The cargo space is remarkably large, and you’ll appreciate the comfortable ride.

4. Volkswagen Jetta

This vehicle for college students comes with tons of safety features. It also has a timeless design that lets it stay with your child as they start their career. You’ll get hands-free driving and an excellent sound system.

5. Jeep Wrangler

When you have a little more in your budget to spend, this vehicle delivers a great result. It is large enough for off-roading and overnighting while having the style to sit at the beach. 

Although not every college student needs a vehicle, these selections prove that you can offer a safe driving experience while sticking to a specific budget.