5 Best Road Trip Snacks

Road trips are fun when you can fuel up on energy drinks and sugary snacks. The only problem with that choice is that your health can regret it later.

When you want to gear up for something healthier, the first step is to build the foundation that the snacks rest on while driving. If you have products from brands like Apricot Power or Vital Proteins, you’ll feel great while munching on something later.

Here are the best snacks you’ll want to bring along for your next ride.

What Are the Best Road Trip Snacks?

1. Beef Jerky

This snack is a fantastic option because it helps you load up on healthy protein. Try to avoid the stuff from the convenience store so that you’re not filling your body with preservatives.

2. Popcorn

With this road trip snack, you’ll get a healthy dose of fiber while enjoying some of the healthy fats your body needs. Consider getting an all-natural version with non-GMO corn that contains a little olive oil for a tasty treat.

3. Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a fantastic treat to take along on a road trip. They don’t create much of a mess, have lots of protein, and work well with numerous dishes.

4. Protein Bars

You’ll need to avoid the sugary ones to have a great road trip experience. Look for options that contain organic, non-GMO ingredients for the best result. 

5. String Cheese

Everyone loves some string cheese! This snack is easy to eat, works well with most other choices, and fills you up until it’s time for a meal.

When you substitute black coffee for those energy drinks, you’ll have lots of great stuff to enjoy on your next road trip!