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Best Bug Remover for Cars

Insect acid is a nasty thing to encounter when driving. Although the bug splats on your windshield aren’t super problematic, the ones that hit your paint are.

Squashed insects have a pH that’s acidic enough that it can cause your clearcoat to bubble, crack, or peel. The only other substance (besides salt) that creates a worse problem is bird droppings.

You’ll want to get rid of that bug debris quickly. These removers do a great job.

List of the Best Bug Removers for Cars

1. McKee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover

This product works well on any bugs you need to remove from your car. It even gets rid of that baked-on tar. All you need to do is spray, wait, and wipe to get the work done. 

You also have the option to add some of this product to your wash bucket to let your vehicle shine better than ever.

2. 3D Bug Remover

A lot of products use 3D as a marketing buzzword, but this product delivers a comprehensive result. It’s safe to use on any surface, including your headlights, to ensure everything gets cleaned quickly and safely. Of course, if you need to clear up foggy headlights, you will need to do something more.

3. Turtle Wax Power Foam

Although this product isn’t as effective as some others, it’s also more affordable. If you put in some extra elbow grease, it’ll get the job done. It’s a solid option if you have a specific project to finish. 

4. Stoner Car Care Tarminator

This stuff is strong enough that it can safely take tree sap off your car’s exterior. Imagine what it can do for the bug residue? If you’ve got bug parts that hardened by your front grille, this stuff is worth the investment. 

Have you found a product that you love to use to remove bug grime from your vehicle?