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Best Car Waxes to Help Keep Your Paint Looking New

If you want your vehicle to keep looking showroom fresh, you’ve got to give that paint a nice coat of wax every so often.

Although most waxes provide adequate results, you want something that delivers an above-average outcome for your vehicle. That’s why you’ll want to snag one of these products today to restore that shine you love.

What Are the Best Waxes for Cars Today?

1. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

Although this brand delivers several stand-out products, you can’t beat the versatility of this car wax. It wipes on easily, comes off with minimal effort, and works on wet surfaces. That means you can save time by drying and buffing simultaneously.

2. Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Carnauba

You can find this car wax at almost any auto parts store. It’s an all-around product that delivers consistent results on most surfaces. As long as you have a high-quality microfiber towel around to use, it’ll be one of your best investments of the year.

3. Griot’s Garage Premium Carnauba

When you prefer a more traditional approach to your waxing needs, this product offers an outstanding result. It needs you to apply it by hand and work it in, but the results are quite satisfying! It hits all of the notes you’d expect with a high-grade product that promises a superior shine.

4. Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish

Although this product isn’t technically wax, it still delivers that beautiful polish you want to see on a car’s exterior. It allows you to get the finish you want in a single coat, providing a long-lasting protective surface that guards against the elements. It costs a little more, but it does a lot of extra work.

5. Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic

If you want a simple spray wax that works well for your yard detailing work, this product delivers. It won’t give you long-term protection, but it is easy to use and offers a picture-perfect result within minutes. You can even use it to clean your exterior windows.

Although the circular wax-on, wax-off idea has become part of our culture, it’s usually the wrong way to apply these products. Use lengthy strokes instead to get that perfect shine!