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Best CUVs for Growing Families

When you shop for a CUV, you’re looking for a crossover utility vehicle. That designation is different than an SUV, which is for a sports utility vehicle.

A CUV comes on a car unibody chassis with front-wheel drive, a lighter frame, and a better fuel economy than an SUV. It also comes with less space.

If you imagine that a station wagon got shrunk to seat five people, had the shape of an SUV, and offered minimal trunk space, you’d be looking at a CUV.

These roomy crossovers are perfect for growing families.

List of the Best CUVs for Families

1. Ford Flex

This vehicle offers over 155 cubic feet of passenger space, providing three rows for extra passengers. The upright shape provides enough storage for the average family, with room on top for a cargo hauler if needed.

2. Chevy Equinox

With over 127 cubic feet of space to use, this CUV is one of the most massive mainstream compact crossovers available today. Although it doesn’t have much room for gear when both rows of back seats are upright, you’ll still get a comfortable ride with a reasonably good fuel economy.

3. Dodge Journey

If you need seven seats in a vehicle for your family, the Journey’s base model is your most affordable option in the marketplace today. Retailing for around $21,000 without features, you can have room for your growing family, stow-and-go, and space on top for additional needs.

4. Subaru Forrester

This option is one of the few four-wheel-drive models that come with more of the standard car shape. It’s compact from a passenger standpoint, but it does have some excellent storage spaces when everyone gets loaded.

5. Honda Pilot

If you need passenger space, this CUV has three rows and more storage than the average vehicle. The shape is closer to that of a van, although it comes without the sliding doors. Even if all of the seats get used, you still have over about 17 cubic feet of storage to use in the back.

CUVs are an affordable way to get around town with a growing family. Start your shopping process with these models, add the features you need, and enjoy the trips you’ll take together.