Car Tips

Best Tools for Vehicle Detailing at Home

After COVID-19 taught us that we can still take care of some things at home, car detailing has become a passion for many. As strange as it might sound, there’s a specific satisfaction that you get when your vehicle gets cleaned to a professional level.

If you’d like to embrace this trend, you’ll want to grab these tools to start doing your own detailing work at home.

1. Buckets with Strainers

When your buckets contain a dirt screen, you can prevent small debris items from sticking to your sponge. It helps to use two containers to avoid grit transfer, and don’t forget about the sponges!

2. Hand Mitt

A big car mitt with squishy textures is an essential item for detailing. This product should be incredibly absorbent and non-abrasive to make fast work of the dirt that’s on your vehicle.

3. Brushes and Applicators

You’ll find numerous uses for your detailing brushes, which is why they come in several different sizes. When you shop in this category, don’t forget to look at the coarseness level to prevent unintentional scratches or scrapes.

4. Foam Cannon

Auto detailing work should be as thorough as possible. When you have this tool available, you can cover the exterior in no time at all. Once you’ve applied the shampoo, sponge the suds quickly to create a sparkling result!

5. Vacuum

A complete detail includes the vehicle’s interior. You’ll need a high-powered vacuum to take care of the debris that works its way into your car. If you have a portable one, you won’t need to worry about running extension cords around your property.

6. Plastic Razor Blades

Steel razor blades remove stickers from glass without a second thought. If you tried the same technique on chrome, you’d destroy the finish! That’s why it helps to have a plastic version that won’t leave damage behind.

When you have these tools available, the detailing work will take no time at all to complete!