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Easiest Ways to De-Ice Your Car

With winter’s fury coming to visit in the next couple of months, check the condition of your tires and equip yourself to handle icy windows. Now is the perfect time to review the dos and don’ts of de-icing your car.

Let’s start with the biggest “don’t” of them all. Putting hot water on your windshield, front windows, or back side windows can trigger cracking. You’re better off scraping and letting the vehicle warm up.

Here are the other options you’ll want to consider and avoid when you’re getting ready to drive somewhere.

Fast Ways to De-Ice a CarMethods of De-Icing to Avoid
An alcohol-based solution with 1/3 water to 2/3 rubbing alcohol gets rid of the ice fast. You can mix up everything in a spray bottle. It even takes care of the fog!Don’t leave your car running with the heater on the highest setting. You’ll waste fuel or battery energy.
A liquid solution that’s three parts white vinegar to one part water removes ice quickly. If you spray the glass the night before, you’ll have clean windows in the morning.Placing cat litter in a sock might absorb moisture inside the vehicle, but it can also create a huge mess. Try to use silica packets or bathroom moisture removers instead.
Use a scraper to remove thick ice from your windshield.Using the windshield washer fluid to de-ice the glass wastes the product and creates a potential environmental hazard. 
Do not force your windshield wipers to lift from the glass. If you know it’ll be cold overnight, have them up already to prevent damage. Broken scrapers and other equipment could scratch your glass. Throw out worn items and replace them with something new. 

Do you have any tricks that have helped you to de-ice your car quickly to share?