Essential Garage Tools You Need for Car and Home Maintenance Work

When you finally purchase a house for the first time, it feels like you’ve reached an incredible milestone.

This event also comes with some significant responsibilities. You’ll be fixing everything from the pipes to the electrical outlets – unless you want to pay someone else to do that work.

You even have the outdoor chores to consider.

That’s why you need a few tools in your garage. Here are the best investments you can make this year.

List of the Best Tools to Keep in the Garage

1. Chain Saw

You won’t believe how often you’ll use this tool outside. Consider investing in a gas-powered model to have portable cutting power if you have trees or thick shrubs on your property.

2. Mower

Don’t settle for one of those non-motorized spinning mowers. It would be best if you had something with enough horsepower to get clean cuts on each blade.

3. Wrenches

You’ll want a complete set of metric and Imperial wrenches for your garage. One group will work on your car, while the other can fix stuff around the house.

4. Ratchet and Sockets

When you have stubborn nuts and bolts to remove at home, you’ll want this tool combination in your toolbox. You’ll want metric and Imperial options for it, especially if you plan to change the oil or work on your brakes in the garage.

5. Hacksaw

Whether you’ve got a stubborn hose to remove or some PVC pipe to trim to size, you don’t want to discount the flexibility this tool brings to your garage.

6. Screwdrivers

Although a power drill is a must-have item with plenty of bits, you’ll want some old-fashioned screwdrivers to manage the tasks that other tools can’t reach. It helps to have a Philips, flat, and hex head in each size to ensure the work gets done as expected.

When you have the right tools in your garage, you can work on your car, fix up the home, and make your property look beautiful. Don’t forget about an oil pan!