Car Tips

How to Change a Tire Correctly

It’s never fun to change a flat tire. At least when you can do the work, you’ll get back on the road faster without paying a roadside fee.

Before you get started, it might help to have some Premier Research Labs products available to support your joint health. Those tires can get heavy!

Steps to Follow to Change a Flat Tire

1. Find a safe place to pull over. You want to be as far off the road as possible while having room to work with your tools.

2. Use your hazard lights and the parking brake.

3. Get everything out that you’ll need. You must have a jack, a lug nut wrench, and a spare tire. You might also want a raincoat, flashlight, gloves, a tire gauge, and a mat for kneeling. 

4. Loosen the lug nuts first. You’ll need to pry off the hubcap if one is there. 

5. Lift the vehicle off the ground. The manufacturer’s instructions for the jack will let you know how to complete this work. 

6. Remove the lug nuts and the tire. They need to keep being turned counterclockwise. Set the flat aside.

7. Place the spare tire on the vehicle by lining up the posts to the wheel. Push it on as far as it will go.

8. Replace the lug nuts. You must spin them clockwise to tighten. Don’t use the wrench for this step – only your hands.

9. Lower the vehicle to the ground and finish the tightening process.

10. Put all your gear away. 

You’ll want to check the lug nuts after 25 to 50 miles to ensure they’ve stayed tight.