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How to Have a Family Movie Night in Your Car

Since the start of the pandemic, many families have looked for creative options to get out of the house while staying safe.

For the communities with a drive-in movie theater, there’s been a resurgence of interest in first-run movies. Catching a doubleheader from the MCU delivers all-night entertainment without paying much.

If you don’t have a drive-in theater in your community, you can create something similar at home with a little creativity.

How to Create a Low-Cost Drive-in Theater at Home

The first thing you’ll need for an at-home drive-in theater is a movie projector. It helps to have one that projects at a minimum of 7,500 lumens while creating a 100-inch screen. 

This option from TMY does a great job while keeping the price down – and you get the screen included at that price.

You’ll need a place to hang the screen. Most products can get tacked above a garage door. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider using gutter hangers for a more portable experience.

A family movie night isn’t the same without some fresh popcorn. Although you could spring for a commercial-quality item, the West Bend Hot Oil popper does a great job. It serves about four ounces at a time. 

Then you need speakers. If the projector has Bluetooth capabilities, you might be able to route it through your car’s audio system. You can roll down the windows to hear the onboard speakers. This dynamic soundbar is an affordable way to duplicate the 3D audio you can get at the theater.

A family movie night in the car doesn’t need to be with a 7-inch screen. With these ideas, you can have a fun time at home with a customized and affordable setup!