Car Tips

How to Prep Your Car for Winter Storage

If you store your car during the winter months, you’ll need to take some steps to prepare it for the time it spends off the road.

These steps will help you accomplish this task quickly and affordably.

  1. Add a fuel stabilizer to your tank. Gasoline only lasts for about a month before it ends up going bad, which means you need to keep it fresh to get a restart when spring arrives.
  2. Get the oil changed before putting the car into storage. You won’t need to worry about sludge or sediment deposits interfering with your engine’s performance.
  3. Lubricate the chassis points to ensure the vehicle can move and flex as it was designed to do. These areas tend to get brittle in cold weather, even in storage.
  4. Unless you’re storing your vehicle in a climate-controlled garage, it helps to know how much water is in your coolant mix. If this liquid freezes and expands, the engine could suffer a catastrophic failure.
  5. Prepare your battery for storage by disconnecting it or installing battery tenders. Although you can leave the system connected, any drain could cause it to fail before spring.
  6. Block the exhaust and intake. These areas are prime real estate for rodents looking for a warm home when the winter months arrive.
  7. Clean your car; give it a wash, buff, and wax. If you leave road grime on the surface, the acidic nature of some debris could ruin the finish.
  8. Cover your vehicle and the garage floor with a protective product. You’ll avoid damage to both mediums, not to mention the time it takes to scrub oil stains from concrete surfaces.

As a final step, you might consider putting the vehicle on jack stands to prevent pressure at the same point on your tires.