Car Tips

How to Turn Your Car into a Mobile Gym

We all have busy lives today. Whether we’re dealing with more pandemic stress or there’s a problem at work that won’t go away, there isn’t always time to hit the gym.

Being proactive about this issue can solve most of the problems you face when missing a workout session. That starts by making sure you eat right, get enough sleep, and add products like NutriDyn to your daily routine. 

You can also turn any environment into a possible gym – including your car. Here are some ideas to help get you started. 

1. Pack Simple Cardio Equipment

You don’t need to run for miles on end to lift your heart rate. Pack a jump rope in your car that you can use when you’ve got a few extra minutes. Even five minutes of exercise is better than nothing.

2. Use Your Spare Tire

The average spare tire and wheel weigh about 30 pounds. That means you can lift it in multiple ways to target specific muscle groups. If you place it on the ground, you can also do a few pushups or planking without putting your hands in water or on ice.

3. Use Bodyweight

You don’t need much room to do sit-ups, lunges, crunches, or squats. They can be done anywhere, including at the office. If you get a five-minute break, take some time in the bathroom to work up a sweat. Who cares if someone gives you a funny look? You’re taking care of yourself!

4. Use the Frame

When you need more leverage for bodyweight movements, like a dip, use the car’s frame to your advantage. Don’t use the bumper. You’ll have the most luck opening the driver or passenger door. 

Your car can be a mobile gym with a bit of creativity. What exercises do you get done when you’re on the go?