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Least Expensive New Cars for Sale in 2021

When the only requirement you have for a new car is the lowest price possible, these models are the cheapest options you can find right now in the United States.

Chevy Spark Hatchback

This vehicle retails for under $15,000, including the destination fee. It comes with a 1.4L motor that delivers a 98 HP performance. You don’t even get a continuously variable transmission on the base model for some extra acceleration. At least it gets about 38mpg on the highway to save on fuel.

Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback

This subcompact vehicle is another choice under $15k, to consider. The engine only gives you 78 HP and minimal torque, but it offers a 5-speed manual transmission to maximize what it can offer. You won’t get much for equipment, with a USB port and a Bluetooth touchscreen your best options. It brings about 41mpg on the highway.

Nissan Versa

If you want more of a sedan than a subcompact, this vehicle retails for under $16,000, including destination. It comes with almost double the horsepower of the cheaper cars while offering similar fuel efficiencies. You’ll also get several safety features on the base model, including automatic emergency braking.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4

If you don’t like the hatchback version, spend a little more to get the sedan. Although the powertrain isn’t the best, you can still get 40mpg with the manual transmission. The main benefit of spending the extra $1,000 here is the extra space in the cabin.

Hyundai Accent Sedan

It might be the smallest car in the U.S. market for this automaker, but you’ll still get a reasonably good vehicle for under $17,000. Although the suspension is a little iffy for those with sore backs and isn’t for the big and tall, you’ll still get up to 39mpg on the highway.

Toyota Yaris

You won’t find many differences between this car or the Mazda2, but it still delivers some excellent value for the under-$17k price. It comes with a six-speed manual on the lowest trim to maximize the vehicle’s efficiency.

You can always buy used to save some more cash, but these vehicles will keep your car payment in check.