Movies to Keep Kids Calm During Road Trips

When you have many miles to drive on vacation, it helps to keep the kids occupied. If you have an entertainment system, a tablet, or even a phone they can use, the hours can get judged by the number of movies they watch.

Although it is important to have kids experience the world as it changes on a road trip, we all remember what it was like to drive all day with only a radio for entertainment. That’s why these movies are great downloads to take along for the ride.

What Are the Best Movies for Kids to Watch on a Road Trip?

1. Coco

This movie tells the story of a young boy who navigates the Land of the Dead to discover the importance of family. It’s a visual masterpiece, includes fantastic music, and incorporates accurate tributes to the Dia de los Muertos traditions.

2. Ratatouille

Remy wants to be a great chef. He just can’t because he’s a rat. That doesn’t stop him from practicing his art, and the antics become quite funny once he meets a young man named Linguini. It’s a story that says anyone can follow their dreams. 

3. Madagascar

When the usual routine becomes boring at the Central Park Zoo, one animal decides it’s time to escape into the wild. The movie follows a group of animals as they travel through the city, crash on the island of Madagascar, and try to transition to being “wild.”

4. Up

Kids love this movie because of the idea that an entire house can fly using only balloons. The dog is hilarious! Parents love the intro story that tugs on their heartstrings. You’re watching a story about having an adventure while driving toward one of your own, which is why this film is such a great choice!

What are some of your favorite movies to download for a long road trip?