Ways To Prevent Car Sickness On Long Trips

Everyone knows that feeling of car sickness during long road trips. It’s not fun, it’s distracting, and it makes the trip feel longer than it really is. But with some preparation and planning, you can keep yourself from getting sick on your next long trip. Here are some ways to prevent car sickness on long trips.

Choose The Right Car Seat

Car sickness often occurs because you’re not sitting in a properly-fitted car seat. Make sure your child is sitting in an age-appropriate, rear-facing car seat—one that keeps him or her at least as upright as they would be in a stroller. If your child tends to get motion sickness on planes, he or she may do better with a convertible car seat that can face backward and then forward when appropriate.

Always Try To Avoid Rush Hour

In stop-and-go traffic, you can’t avoid jostling your car around and that tends to make car sickness more likely. If you must travel during rush hour, try sitting in a seat closer to the center of your vehicle. This way, less movement is required to see out of your window.

Eat Frequently

Eating while you’re traveling will ensure that your blood sugar doesn’t drop, which can trigger feelings of nausea. Munch on high-protein foods like nuts and cheese to help stabilize your blood sugar levels throughout your trip. It’s also a good idea to eat foods with a lot of fiber, which absorbs water and binds it to food—and thus prevents it from moving around in your stomach, which can cause queasiness and car sickness.

In addition to these suggestions, a product called Not Now Nausea distributed by Herb Pharm is helpful.

So, these are some ways to prevent car sickness on long trips. Nevertheless, sometimes accidents cannot be avoided, and a car interior clean-up may become necessary.